Alexandria to Waterloo Cable Project

Project Overview

online community engagement
Ausgrid is planning to replace a 1km section of underground cable between McEvoy Street, Alexandria and Wellington Street, Waterloo.

This online portal has been developed as part of Ausgrid's Community Engagement Program to provide project information and seek feedback on community preferences.

In early June, Ausgrid conducted a survey to seek feedback and community preference on the two route options that Ausgrid presented for consideration: Option 1 through Alexandria Park, and Option 2 to follow the road along Power Avenue and onto Wyndham Street. The survey was open until Friday 16 June 2017.

Ausgrid has now completed a review of the route options survey and the community’s preference was to use Option 1, through Alexandria Park.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey and for providing your feedback. Ausgrid is considering the feedback received and will provide updates to the community as the project planning progresses.

For any further questions or concerns, you can contact Ausgrid at any time on 1800 604 765 or email
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Ausgrid is planning to replace 132,000 Volt underground cables from McEvoy Street, Alexandria to Wellington Street, Waterloo as part of a larger project to replace existing cables in the area. The existing cables of the same voltage are ready to be retired so Ausgrid can maintain a reliable electricity supply in the future. The project is also part of a program to retire fluid filled cables across our network.
The section between McEvoy Street, Alexandria and Wellington Street, Waterloo will be done earlier as Ausgrid has been requested to relocate existing cables due to other infrastructure works. It is proposed that this work would start in September 2017 and take eight months to complete.
At a later date, we will start engagement on the rest of the proposed work when further planning has been completed.
There are a number of considerations to factor in while planning cable routes. These include:
  • community impacts
  • availability of space around existing utility services
  • environmental and heritage impacts
  • cost (minimising the impact on electricity bills)
  • technical feasibility
  • traffic impacts
  • coordinating works with other infrastructure projects.
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