Ausgrid Tree Trimming Engagement

Project Overview

online community engagement

This online portal has been developed as part of Ausgrid's Vegetation Management Engagement Program. This is a place to keep up to date with the latest information, view documents, and provide feedback as we work towards improving how we manage trees growing under powerlines, in particular our engagement and communication with key stakeholders and the community.

  • Engagement Stage 1
    tree trimming engagement stage 1 completed in 2015
  • Engagement Summary and Feedback Report Published
    Stage 1 engagement summary and feedback report was completed and published on the Ausgrid website
  • Establish Stakeholder Working Group

    Working group established to support the development of key recommendations

  • Engagement Stage 2
    Ongoing engagement to design and develop key recommendations
  • Vegetation Management Service Charter
    Development of a dedicated vegetation management service charter
  • Information accessibility review
    Comprehensive accessibility review of publicly available information about vegetation management
  • Decision Framework - assessing alternative options
    A framework to guide decision making in assessing alternatives to tree trimming
  • Notification process

    Develop and trial a notification process targeting impacted stakeholders

  • Dedicated engagement program
    Develop an ongoing engagement program dedicated to vegetation management practices

Ausgrid trims trees around the electricity network to keep the community and our staff safe and to help make sure we are providing a reliable electricity supply to our customers. Removing branches from around powerlines and power poles helps prevent blackouts, bushfires and accidental electrocution.

Each year Ausgrid spends almost $40 million on tree trimming around the electricity network, as part of essential maintenance which helps ensure a safe and reliable power supply to homes and businesses across our network. We also understand the important role trees play in our communities and the value our communities place on the visual amenity of their local streets.

To help improve our services we undertook a tree trimming engagement program aimed to understand our communities' interests, develop a shared understanding of the need for tree trimming around the electricity network and help to improve the way Ausgrid performs tree trimming in the future.

From September 2015 through to November 2015, we gathered feedback from key stakeholders, such as local councils, about our trimming program. We also carried out a range of open engagement activities across the community including an online survey, local engagement activities and social media. Thank you to everyone who has participated in the engagement program and taken time to provide us with feedback.

The next stage of the engagement program involves continuing to engage with stakeholders to development key recommendations established through the initial engagement. This includes:

  • establish a service charter with contracts
  • review of information available about tree trimming
  • develop ongoing engagement program
  • establish a process for evaluating alternative proposals

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