Eastern CBD cable project

Project Overview

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Ausgrid is planning to retire our City East substation as it is reaching the end of its serviceable life. To maintain a safe and reliable electricity supply to the CBD and surrounding suburbs, the electricity it supplies needs to be transferred to our Belmore Park substation in the southern CBD. This requires the installation of new underground 11,000 volt cables.

The project is currently in the early planning stage. A proposed route for the new 11,000 volt underground cables has been identified along sections of Wentworth Avenue, College Street and Macquarie Street in Sydney's CBD. A map of the proposedroute can be viewedin the project gallery section on the right. Ausgrid is seeking early feedback from local residents, business and other key stakeholders during planning to ensure community impacts during construction are minimised. This includes engaging with the City of Sydney, the Sydney MP and other government agencies to communicate and coordinate with other infrastructure projects in the area as much as possible on community impacts.

We are conducting a survey to help us gain an understanding of how the area is used and what we need to consider during construction to minimise community impacts. We also want to know the best way to keep you updated and gain feedback throughout the project. Please complete the survey by Tuesday 2 October 2017.

For any further questions or if you need more time you can contact Ausgrid on 1800 604 765 or email majorprojects@ausgrid.com.auor visit the Ausgrid website.
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