Moderation Policy

Moderation Policy

The Ausgrid online portal is moderated by Ausgrid to ensure relevant non-offensive content is posted by registered users.

While we value your time in participating online and your comments are valued, moderation enables the site to be positively and constructively enjoyed by all participants. Content is screened prior to publishing on this website and may be screened after it has been published. If your published content receives valid objection, it will be unpublished and reviewed by the moderator. At any time, the moderator, at their sole discretion, can remove content they view as unsuitable.

Additionally, a profanity filter is built into the software disabling any attempt by a user to use offensive language.

Ausgrid encourages participants to be thoroughly informed of the subject matter, impacts and outcomes of the content they intend to write, before posting a comment. The best way to share your view is through valuable contributions.

The following behaviour will not be tolerated:

  • Direct complaints and/or defamatory comments about any related organisation, their employers or representatives
  • Raising questions or issues unrelated to the site or the active consultation/s
  • Disrespect for other user's views and comments
  • Sharing of anyone's personal information
  • Discriminating against or being inflammatory to another user based on their gender, sexual orientation, relationship status, race, religion, culture, age or appearance.
  • Posting embedded content or links to advertising, illegal or offesive information

The moderator is not obligated to notify you if your content has been deemed unsuitable for publishing.

A registered user will be permanently banned for their inconsideration and inability to meet these rules and those under the Terms of Use.